4 Easy Step To Fix Your Dog Separation Anxiety

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Sometimes, giving your dog too much attention would cause him to be dependent. Now is time to train your dog to be confident and fix his separation anxiety! I am going show you 4 simple steps to work on his separation anxiety issue!

Step 1 – Find Lures

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Find lures to keep your dog occupied, such as food or toys.

Step 2 – Distract Your Dog

Once you know what would keep your dog occupied. Next, distract your dog with the lure. After you have distract your dog, quietly and quickly leave the house. Do not panic and rush out of the house, be calm as your dog can sense your anxiousness. If he senses that, he will starts to follow you around.

When you leave the house, PLEASE DO NOT give any attention to your dog. *Saying good bye will lead towards the path of anxiety.

Step 3 – Wait

Once you leave your house, stand outside of your door and stay calm. If you have a house monitoring camera, that will be plus! Quietly stand outside and monitor your dog, through the camera.

If your dog did not whine or bark, return back to the house after 1 – 2 minutes.

Step 4 – Return Back

If your dog starts barking, wait till it stops and return back after 1-2 minute. This process will help your dog to get used without your presence. Increase the duration, if he improves. The more you repetition you do, the quicker he learns!

* Try this for a week and see if it works. As, not one training method works for all dogs and some dogs may need different training approach.