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If you have searched for “Potty Training” on Google, what you’ll get, are mostly outdoor potty training results. What you really want to achieve, is indoor potty training. If your dog is indoor trained, it will be able to go outdoors as well. Else if your dog is outdoor trained, your dog would only know how to relieve itself outdoors.

Let me elaborate on the difference between indoor and outdoor train.

Bad Weather

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Bad Weather

In the case of bad weather, such as rainy days. You would not be able to bring your dog out. If your dog is only outdoor trained, he would have to hold his bladder and wait for the next walking session. What if your dog is unable to hold, he will relieve himself in the house and you certainly do not want him to do it at the wrong spot.

The benefit of an indoor trained dogs is, he would not have to hold his bladder because he knows how to use the the pee pad or potty tray to relieve himself.

Affecting your work

I understand, people have have bills to pay and your job is the answer for that. If your dog only knows how to do it outdoors, you would have no other option but to take him out to relieve himself and that might affect your work. But if your dog is indoor trained, you would have the flexibility to choose. Of course to be fair, you need to give your dog a fair amount of time as well.

Medical Problem

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Outdoor trained dogs, usually would hold their bladders, and wait for their owners to bring them out. As it is with human, you want your dog to develop a good, healthy habhit by going whenever they feel the ned to. This reduces the chance of developing bladder problems such as urinary tract infection and etc.

Dirty Home

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If your dog does not know where to go, when nature calls. He would relieve itself anywhere in the house, whenever it feels like it. This is an un-hygienic practice and is not acceptable. If you do not stop this problem , your dog will develop that habit of doing it every where in the house. That is why, indoor potty training is important.

On occasions when you visit a friends’s home with your dog. Your dog may create an embarrassing mess if it is not indoor trained.  If your dog is indoor trained, all you need to do is to place a pee pad or a potty tray and he would know how to use it. This practice will keep the place clean and hygienic.

Bugs and Parasite.

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As you know, bug and parasite are commonly found outdoor in the grass, mud and shrubs. Bringing your dog frequently outdoors increases the risk of your dog picking up ticks, fleas and viruses. Of course, I am not discouraging you from bringing your dog outside. But stay a step ahead and take preventative measures to keep your dog safe.

Your Next Step

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