5 Essential Tools For Puppy Indoor Potty Training

Knowing what you tools you need and what are the purposes of it, is extremely important. Below are the Essential Tools for your puppy Indoor Potty Training , that you need for potty training. Let me explain to you why.

1. Potty Training Spray

Picture from Nature Miracle

Potty Training Spray would be useful as well. It helps focus your puppy attention on a particular area for urination. Hence you can use it to spray on the area you want him to go.

2. Pee / Potty Tray

Picture From Riche Paw

Pee tray helps to keep your puppy paws dry as it separates your puppy from getting soiled. It is also a prevention measure from getting the pee pad chewed up by your puppy.

It is recommended to get a bigger pee tray as it has more surface area for your puppy to do his business. Some puppies would not go on the pee tray if there is poop on it, as they would not want to step on it. Hence, getting a bigger pee tray allow ample of space for him to still pee on it.

3. Pee / Potty Pad

Picture from Frisco Training Pad

Pee pads help by absorbing urine and odor to keep your house clean. It is essential to get the right size of pee pad to fit into your pee tray.

4. Playpen

Picture From Top Paw Playpen

The playpen restricts the area for your puppy, allowing him to locate the potty / pee tray easily. Therefore you would need to set the area right and make the potty tray visible.

5. Home IP camera

Picture From Xiao Mi Home Camera

With advance and affordable technology, it enables us to train our dogs effectively and at a faster pace.

With the camera, you can closely monitor your dog from a distance or immediately after your leave your place. TIMING IS KEY! It is important for you to correct your puppy if he does something wrong immediately (ie. Barking excessively) or reward him when he does something good.

Your Next Step

Once you have the above tools. You are ready to start potty training your puppy indoor! Click on the start now button, to learn how to do it!

Our decade of successful proven training method, will help you achieve maximum potty results in no time!